Web and Mobile Marketing Development


An Associate Degree in Web and Mobile Marketing Development prepares individuals for a career in mobile and web development and digital marketing.

Students will learn the Swift programming language, which is one of the world’s most popular and powerful programming languages and will use it to develop apps for iOS. Students will also learn the core technologies of web development, which include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Finally, students will learn about effective digital marketing using various technologies, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Graduates will have a wide range of skills and can expect to be hired by a wide range companies looking for Swift developers, web developers, digital marketers, or some combination of the three.

      • Learn Swift to build iOS apps.
      • Fast-growing career opportunities for Swift program development.
      • Learn other competitive technologies, such as C#, JavaScript, and web development (HTML/CSS).
      • Opportunity to test for: C#, JavaScript, and HTML certifications.

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Learn about digital marketing, search engine

optimization, Facebook ads, and google Ads.


Have an idea for an app?

You’ll be able to build it yourself!


Computer Information Technology Systems


An Associate Degree in Computer Information Technology Systems prepares individuals for a career in the information technology industry as Information Technology Technicians.

IT Technicians install and maintain computer systems and networks aiming for the highest functionality. Technicians will also have to train users of the systems to make appropriate and safe usage of the IT infrastructure.

Successful IT Technicians must have thorough knowledge of computer software and hardware and a variety of internet applications, networks and operating systems, as well as great troubleshooting abilities and attention to detail.

Students in this program will qualify to sit for a variety of competitive IT certifications, including the CompTIAA+, Network+, and CySA+. This combination of certifications is designed to give graduates of this program a highly competitive advantage in the workforce.

Graduates can expect to be hired by sectors including federal government, software publishers, education, healthcare (especially hospitals), data processing and hosting, and business support services.



      • Opportunity to test in highly sought after A+ certifications (1001 & 1002).
      • May qualify for additional certifications to increase job opportunities: Network+, Security+, CySAt.
      • Proficiency programming skills in C# and JavaScript.
      • Develop the fundamentals of web development (HTML/CSS).


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