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The mission of Southwest University at El Paso is to provide exceptional career and technical training, promote intellectual growth, critical examination and informed understanding through general education and  a commitment to educational excellence strengthened by quality instruction, a positive learning environment, and the integration of emerging technologies to enable students to achieve their potential, participate in new employment opportunities, and continue to be lifelong learners.

Consistent with the mission of the faculty of the College of Imaging Sciences is committed to providing quality instruction by preparing the student to be employable at an entry level in the Radiography Program.


The goals of the Southwest University Radiography program are:
Goal #1: Graduates will be clinically competent.
Goal #2: Graduates will be effective problem solvers.
Goal #3: Graduates will communicate effectively.
Goal #4: Graduates will be professional.
Goal #5: The program will be effective in its instructional efforts.



The freedom of individuals to gain knowledge and understanding is essential in the maturing of the mind. So that all students may exercise these freedoms a school must have an environment that does not lack order and stability.


1. Students will perform radiographic examinations competently.
2. Students will demonstrate effective problem solving skills.
3. Students will communicate effectively with patients.
4. Students demonstrate importance of professional behavior and activities.
5. Students will pursue specialized clinical experience.
6. Graduates will be members of a professional society.
7. The program will be effective in its instructional efforts.
8. Program starters will complete the program.
9. Graduates will successfully complete the national certification examination.
10. Graduates, whom have sought employment, will be employed within 12 months of graduation.
11. Graduates will be satisfied with the program.
12. Employers will be satisfied with graduates.