Technical Skills Assessment

Are you ready for Online Learning?

To be successful in an online course you need to have basic technical skills, be self-motivated, and have good organizational and time-management skills. Please take this self-assessment to find out if you are ready for the online environment.

Answer Yes or No to the following questions.


1.Do you have the self-discipline to log in regularly to your online course? (at least three times per week or as instructed)
2.Can you keep track of deadlines and always turn your work by the due date?
3.Can you dedicate 6-9 hours per week, per course, to complete assignments, quizzes and discussion forums?
4.Do you enjoy learning via different formats (lectures, videos, online discussion and conferencing)
5.Are you comfortable asking your classmates, the instructor, or IT for help via email, phone, discussion board, or chat?
6.Can you identify your computer’s operating system and version number?
7.Can you restart your computer if it becomes locked up?
8.Can you safely turn off your computer?
9.Can you explain the terms: icon, menu, window, click, select, drag, button?
10.Can you use the mouse to select and deselect text?
11.Can you use a mouse to open and close a program by clicking on an icon?
12.Can you use the “Start” button to open programs?
13.Can you choose a command from the menu?
14.Can you move, resize and close windows?
15.Can you switch between open windows?
16.Can you switch between open applications?
17.Can you download and install programs and plug-ins?
18.Can you open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)?
19.Can you create a bookmark or save a favorite webpage?
20.Can you copy a URL?
21.Can you use a search engine to locate information on the Internet?
22.Can you identify the browser and access Internet preferences or options?
23.Can you download and upload files to and from the Internet from your computer?
24.Can you use email to create and send a message?
25.Can you reply to or forward an email message?
26.Can you attach files to an email message?
27.Can you open and save an attachment from an email message?
28.Can you open and save an attachment from an email message?
29.Can you create and open a file? you create folders and move files?
31.Can you rename and delete folders or files?
32.Can you save files to a USB flash drive?
33.Can you open a word processing file?
34.Can you format the text in word file (e.g., font, bold, italics)
35.Can you edit and print a file?
36.Can you save a word file in other formats (e.g., Rich Text Format (.rtf), PDF)?
37.Can you scan a picture or document?
38.Can you convert a picture or a document to PDF?
39.Can you access your email and open a web browser?
40.Can you download and access apps?