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At Southwest University (SU), our commitment is to assist students in reaching their academic objectives. We provide a range of academic support services, both in-person and online, to help all SU students achieve their goals.

Explore the academic support services outlined below.


All faculty members at SU are here to offer academic assistance to all students. Keep in mind that having a designated instructor for a class does not restrict you to seeking help exclusively from that instructor

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Online Paper and Resume Review

In need of a paper review or seeking resume guidance outside of your English class? Take advantage of our professional online paper and resume review system, where our faculty experts are available to provide assistance. Simply select one of the provided links below to get started.

APA Format

Mastering APA paper writing is vital for students and professionals. In our video, our expert faculty clarify 7th edition APA style, addressing formatting, plagiarism prevention, topic selection, outlining, title page, abstract, and reference page creation.

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