Early College Seminar Program (ECSP)





Admission to Southwest University Early College Seminar Program(ECSP) is limited to students who are at least 17 years old and enrolled full time in high school or in an approved home-school program. Applications to the Early College Seminar Program will be assessed using the high school qualification criteria for admissions to Southwest University. The program was created to launch the college experience of high school seniors by attending seminars that transfer into Southwest University degree programs. Southwest University target audience for this project is seniors that are not part of any Early College High Schools. Those students that are not part of advanced academies or can earn some college credit through their programs. This is for those students who either did not apply for an advanced academy, dual credit or AP courses and didn’t get accepted. It is for students that want work on getting started in college by taking and passing these seminars. Criteria includes an assessment of the following:

*** Must be a high school senior in good standings ***

  • Interest: Does the applicant have strong passion for the career of interest and goal driven?
  • Willingness: Willing to make sacrifices to get ahead?
  • Readiness: Ability to adapt and overcome obstacles.

Submit current high school transcripts to date, to the office of admissions at 1414 Geronimo Dr. El Paso, Texas, 79925


One Letter of recommendation must be submitted in support of your application. Letters can be from a teacher, mentor, advisor, or someone in the industry you are pursuing.


All applicants to Southwest University’s Early College Seminar Program are required to complete an interview with an Admission’s Counselor. The interview is designed to help the counselor assess your understanding and readiness or self-directed study. The Admissions Counselor will then cover all the basis of your program of interest, processes, and will be provided a tour of the campus facilities.

The cost per seminar will be $100.00 USD. No refunds.

Can take 1 class per term, up to 4 classes per year.

01/04/2021 – 02/12/2021

02/15/2021 – 03/25/2021

03/29/2021 – 05/10/2021

05/11/2021 – 06/22/2021

06/28/2021 – 08/06/2021

08/11/2021 – 09/22/2021

09/27/2021 – 11/05/2021

11/08/2021 – 12/22/2021

– Reading Comprehension (ENGL 133)

– Technical writing (ENG 145)

– College studies (EDUC 121)

– English 1 (ENG 110)

– Business Communication (BC 110)

– Word Processing (WP 101)