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The Commission acted to continue the current grant of accreditation through February 28, 2029.
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Associate of Applied Science of Business Management in Healthcare Support Systems

The Associate of Applied Science of Business Management in Healthcare Support Systems program is a 10-term course specifically designed for Hospital Housekeeping Systems (HHS) employees to seek advancement in the support systems realm.

This program prepares the degree graduate for future professional opportunities presented in the HHS current workplace. Students will receive instruction to gain proficiencies in the principles, methods, and procedures of business and healthcare management.

The curriculum has been designed to provide a broad understanding of the fundamentals of management in healthcare hospitality and support system services.

Graduates of this program will exercise leadership skills that will make their current employer-employee relationship a pleasant, rewarding, and successful experience.

Next Class Start Date
November 4, 2024

DEADLINE to Enroll
October 11, 2024

School Program

  • Program Length: 1000 CH (Clock Hours)
  • Program Delivery: Full Distance
  • Total Lab Hours: 20 0 hours total
  • Lecture Hours: 800 hours Total
  • Program Hours: 1000 Hrs
  • Total Length of Time: 64 Wks
  • Total Credit Hours: 90 credits

Prerequisites: Must be verified as an HHS employee by institution and HHS Human Resources department

If you are interested in continuing your education with Southwest University but do not have a High School Diploma or GED, please click on the following link for information on GED resources.

  • FAQ’s Page
  • SU Learning User Guide
    • This guide includes:Tutorials for online course activitiesRecorded lectures given by SU faculty on topics useful for all students such as writing emails and APA format.Study videos to help with GED prep as well as other topics in Math and English

Bachelor of Science in Radiology Management

14-Month Program

(54 Week)

The Radiology Management program is designed to help the Imaging professional prepare for the many types of leadership positions available in the Radiologic Sciences. The degree program will provide essential information relative to the most current trends and effective management practices in Radiology.

The program core content focuses on the Association for Medical Imaging Management’s (AHRA) professional development resources along with current medical procedures.

These procedures include courses that apply the electronic medical record conversion with PACS systems and Joint Commission practices.

Bachelors of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN Bridge)

12-Month Program

(48 Weeks)

Deciding to go back to school for your BSN degree can feel like a challenge due to the demands of life. We are looking for Registered Nurses who are seeking growth in their career while improving patient outcomes, enhancing standards within the nursing profession and decreasing incivility as well as the ability to participate at different levels of leadership within their nursing practice and as part of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.

This program is designed for working Registered Nurses who need an RN to BSN degree program that fits their busy schedule. The program emphasis includes improving quality of care and patient safety, leadership and management, managing health information and technology, coordinating patient care and public health/preventive nursing. All theory courses are offered online followed by a practicum experience where learners complete hours at a clinical site of their choice in the local community. The program prepares the nursing professional to give a high-quality of care to patients, but also provide a high-quality customer service.

Our community of nurses is already improving the health of their communities and producing positive outcomes accompanied by career growth and salary increases. You can join this skilled workforce of nurses who are influencing patient outcomes around the country. Our online, CCNE-accredited RN to BSN program is ready to assist you in taking your nursing career to the next level.

At Southwest University of El Paso College of Nursing RN to BSN students will learn the following beneficial career skills:

  • Leadership skills to achieve the highest quality care that is patient centered and fosters and interdisciplinary approach
  • Care Coordination that assists the nurse in prioritizing quality, safety and efficiency in complex healthcare environments to improve patient outcomes
  • Research development to guide evidence-based processes informed by research findings that enhance access to quality healthcare services.
  • Transfer credits accepted
  • Direct Care Experiential Learning

The Baccalaureate degree program in nursing at Southwest University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791. 

Business Administration, MBA

24-Month Program

Full distance​

The Master of Business Administration focuses on advanced business and management concepts. This program is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for successful leadership in a rapidly changing global business environment. The program comprises a diverse range of competencies aimed at developing well-rounded business leaders. Students enrolled in the program will explore the challenges and opportunities of managing employees from different age groups, global business operations, research process knowledge, and the use of data to make informed business decisions. The program will expand on concepts such as ethical responsibility, effective people management skills, and prepare students with the financial management skills necessary for leaders in the business realm.​

​Quick Facts​

  • Business data analytics for data-driven decisions
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • International management
  • Human resource management
  • Mangerial Accounting, Economics, and Finance
  • Strategic marketing

Masters of Science in Nursing

24-Month Program​

Full distance​

The Master of Science in Nursing program provides core courses in nursing theory, research, evidence-based practice, leadership, professional role development, health policy, and information systems. Graduates will be prepared to lead and promote culturally competent healthcare globally, designing interprofessional teams and integrating care services. They will translate evidence base practice into ethical and innovative practices, utilizing their clinical knowledge to restore wellness and improve team functions. Graduates will articulate issues and trends affecting nursing and healthcare delivery, critically appraise and utilize various sources of knowledge for quality outcomes, and develop collaborative relationships to improve health outcomes in diverse settings.​

Quick Facts​

  • Healthcare data analytics for data-driven decisions​
  • Innovative leadership in healthcare​
  • Human resource management​
  • Community and population healthcare coordination​
  • Advanced health assessment​
  • Informatics for nursing care​
  • Policy and advocacy for quality in healthcare

Healthcare Administration, MS​

24-Month Program

Full distance​

The Masters in Health Administration is designed to prepare students seeking to advance their careers and take administrative and leadership roles within the healthcare industry. Students will receive instruction to gain proficiencies in the principles, methods, and procedures of leadership and management in a diverse medical industry. They will gain a broad understanding and appreciation for other elements of the management perspective, such as finance, communications, economics, and accounting. Students who complete this program will understand the policies and procedures of organizational development, monitor financial capital and employees’ performance, and exercise modern leadership dynamics that can help provide the current healthcare employer-employee relationship with a pleasant, rewarding, and successful experience.​

Quick Facts​

  • Healthcare data analytics for data-driven decisions​
  • Healthcare quality and risk management​
  • Innovative leadership for healthcare​
  • Law and ethics for healthcare​
  • Human resource management​
  • Managerial accounting and Finance in Healthcare​
  • Strategic marketing

Healthcare Leadership and Management, MS​

24-Month Program

Full distance​

The Masters in Healthcare Leadership and Management aims to prepare students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in executive roles within the healthcare industry. Students will receive instruction to gain proficiencies in the principles of leadership strategies, financial management, data management and analytics, and evidence-based decision-making for effectively leading organizations in healthcare. There will be an emphasis on holding executive and leadership roles in the healthcare industry. Graduates from this program will be well-prepared to take on leadership positions both in and outside the healthcare industry to affect positive organizational outcomes.

Quick Facts​

  • Healthcare data analytics for data-driven decisions​
  • Innovative leadership for healthcare​
  • Managerial Accounting and Finance in Healthcare​
  • Project Management​
  • Organizational Leadership
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