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Southwest University at El Paso

Southwest University At El Paso opened in June 1999 as what was then called Quick Study Learning Center, a private for-profit institution whose mission was to provide quality education to students who needed assistance with English as a second language and those pursuing their GED.

In November of 2002, Quick Study Learning Center converted into Southwest Career Institute when vocational career programs were implemented in general business office trade and technical trade fields. In 2009, the integration of Associate degree programs in allied health professions allowed the transition to Southwest Career College and satisfied the demand for degrees of this nature in the local workforce. In 2012, the expansion of our curriculum, resources, and student body, developed the need for Bachelor’s degree programs. This advancement called for the official name change and transformation to Southwest University at El Paso.

The continuous growth of the university brought forth the need to expand our accreditation and accommodate a larger population, therefore acquiring various programmatic accreditations and recognitions such as JRCERT, IACBE, CCNE, and the Texas Board of Nursing. Southwest University holds recognized accreditation for THECB, and is institutionally accredited by ABHES until 2029.

Southwest University at El Paso has established itself at the forefront of a meaningful education that serves our region’s unique culture of non-traditional students. Through all the changes and evolution within Southwest University, the core mission is held constant. Since its founding, the institution remains a center committed to providing individuals with education for success in their future endeavors.

The mission of Southwest University is to provide exceptional technical career skills to members of our community. Southwest University is committed to delivering educational excellence through a positive learning environment, quality instruction, and integration of emerging technologies that enable students to achieve their potential, participate in new employment opportunities, and continue to be lifelong learners.


The following goals are integral to the mission of Southwest University At El Paso:

  • To promote each student’s individual and professional growth by providing quality education with innovative technologies.
  • To promote each student’s critical thinking skills through pragmatic and real-life course content.
  • Good citizenship by promoting professional behavior in and out of the classroom.
  • To offer competent certificate and degree programs by actively engaging in advisory board community outreach.
  • To promote a positive learning environment.
  • Assist graduates in new employment opportunities in their field of study.

Southwest University is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.  View accreditation information

We ask for your commitment in return. A commitment to work hard, to stay focused, and to ask for help when you need it.

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