Many aspects of your Southwest University El Paso experience will be very similar to what you would expect at any college.

You will attend classes, study, complete assignments, and take tests. When you become a Southwest University student, the faculty and staff immediately focus on helping you. Before you even start, you will attend an orientation to get you involved in everything our institution has to offer.

Now you know what you can expect from us… quality learning and a strong support system to help you get and stay on track. But we can not do it alone.

That is why we ask for your commitment in return. A commitment to work hard, to stay focused and to ask for help when you need it. Certainly attending school is not easy. But with your commitment Southwest University El Paso makes it possible.


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The mission of Southwest University at El Paso is to provide exceptional career and technical training, promote intellectual growth, critical examination and informed understanding through general education and a commitment to educational excellence strengthened by quality instruction, a positive learning environment and the integration of emerging technologies to enable students to achieve their potential, participate in new employment opportunities and continue to be lifelong learners.

The following goals are integral to the mission of Southwest University At El Paso:

  • To develop each student’s individual, intellectual, and professional growth by providing high quality education with technology and quality instruction.
  • To promote each student’s critical thinking skills through pragmatic and real life course content.
  • To promote good citizenship so that students may enjoy success in their career and in society by providing general education and promoting professional behavior in and out of the classroom.
  • To offer competent certificate and degree programs by actively engage in advisory board community outreach.
  • To promote a lifelong learning culture through a positive learning environment.
  • To assist graduates in participating in new employment opportunities in their field of study.

Southwest University is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.  View accreditation information