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Frequently Asked Questions


When do face to face classes resume?

Classes will continue as scheduled online. In person classes are expected to resume MAY 12, 2020 (Subject to change; depending on government orders.)

How will my attendance be accounted for?

Your attendance will be based on your SU learning class activity. Make sure to log in daily to be counted present. Attendance will be based on your SU Learning usage and class assignment completion. If you have more questions please refer them to your instructor.

Do I have a specific schedule to follow for my online classes?

There is no specific time that you are required to log in (unless you are instructed to do so by your professor).There are some classes that may require you to do a group activity at a specific time or to connect to a conference video or call at a certain time. Nonetheless, we highly encourage you to log in to your SU Learning courses on a daily basis. If you have more questions please refer them to your instructor.

Why can’t I find my schedule on SULearning?

The IT department has been working on SU Learning to make sure every function is accesible; all students should be able to see their schedule at this time. If you cannot access your schedule please call us to (915)778-4001.

If I have classes that require books, when will I be able to them pick up?

Our book room will be open weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm (school ID required.)

How can I dispute a grade?
  1. Log in to you SU Learning.
  2. In the top right under “SU learning resources” a form titled “Dispute Course Grade Form” must be filled out by you and the instructor.
  3. After the form is completed, email the form to your program director’s assistant.
How do I get a hold of my instructor?

You may email your instructor. You will be able to find your instructor’s email under the specific class.

How do I apply for a Leave Of Absence?

You may contact Valerie Crusoe at

How do I unenroll?

Current students must email Valerie Crusoe at
New students must contact their Admissions representative.

When do I get my uniforms?

Once we resume to face to face classes, all uniforms will be issued. (School ID required.)

How do I request my transcripts?
  1. Visit
  2. Select the “Admission tab”
  3. Click on “Student Services”
  4. Select “Transcript request”
  5. Fill out the information
  6. Expect a response within 48 hrs.
How can I request my Diploma?
  1. Vist
  2. Select the “Admission tab”
  3. Click on “Student Services”
  4. Select “Diploma request”
  5. Fill out the information
  6. Expect a response within 48 hrs
If I’m a new student, how do I know that I am fully enrolled and ready to begin with my classes?

Contact your admissions representative to make sure all documents have been turned in and accepted.

When will I receive my iPad/AirMac?

All students should be able to pick up their electronic device starting April 7th, 2020.


If I have payments to make, who do I speak with?

You may contact our Southwest University Accoutning associate, Karen McCuster at or call at 915-225-2470.

How can I make payment arrangements?

For payment arrangements call 915-225-2470.

Where can I get my 1098T form?

Financial Aid; Miguel Viveros or Erick Estrada.
You may call 915-225-2470 for more information.

Financial Aid:

Is my Financial Aid affected by the current pandemic situation

You may qualify for a benefit called “Professional Judgement” if you have been laid off. You must provide the proper documentation and contact our FA office.

I received an email from the Financial Aid Department, why can’t I access it?

Please contact our IT Department office to receive help and be able to access any documentation/email online.

Why did I receive a check from Financial Aid?

Some students may qualify for enough money to pay for tuition and in some cases have extra funds left over that are given to you in the form of a check.

When will I be getting my Financial Aid check?

If eligible, Financial Aid benefits are paid in two portions. If you receive more than 1000 back, you will receive the first portion of the check 6 weeks after your start date. You will receive the second portion of the check when you complete your first academic year.
If you receive less than 1000 dollars you will receive it when you reach your first academic year (7 months after start date).