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College of Business Mission Statement

Southwest University’s College of Business mission is to strengthen students’ knowledge and develop ethical character to prepare students for academic and professional advancement by applying current business best practices in our instruction.

Why SU?

 Southwest University at El Paso believes in providing a quality education that is accessible to all members of our El Paso/Ciudad Juarez community. At SU, we offer accelerated degree programs with flexible schedules to help make higher education a possibility for individuals who normally may not be able to attend because of other responsibilities.

Our university prioritizes small class sizes that allow group discussions during class that help students grasp class content better, meet new people, and develop critical thinking skills.

SU provides a strong support system to help you achieve your academic and career goals by connecting our students with potential employers.


A class schedule that works for you will give you the opportunity to continue your education and prepare for a better future.

  • Day Time Schedules are beneficial for students who:
    • Have children in daycare
    • Prefer taking early morning classes
    • Work evening shifts
  • Evening Schedules are beneficial for students who:
    • Work a traditional shift (9 AM – 5 PM)
    • Care for family members during the day
    • Require more time to prepare for class

More One-On-One Interaction with Instructors

Instructors are available during office hours for one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Hands-on Learning

Our curriculum integrates didactic lectures with experiential training to help prepare our students to enter the workforce successfully.

Small Class Sizes

Classroom and small group discussion:

  • Better grasp of class material
  • Meet new people
  • Develop critical thinking skills

Strong Sense of Community

Working together to make sure all students are supported and feel a true sense of belonging. SU hosts an Entrepreneurial Expo to provide a platform for students to showcase their business endeavors and foster an entrepreneurial spirit.

Individual Support and Career Services

The Career Services Department provides a variety of resources, guidance, and support to help students transition from academia to the professional world. These services are designed to assist students in making informed career decisions, developing essential job search skills, and successfully launching their careers.

The Commission acted to continue the current grant of accreditation through February 28, 2029.
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Business Administration, MBA

24-Month Program

Full distance​

The Master of Business Administration focuses on advanced business and management concepts. This program is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for successful leadership in a rapidly changing global business environment. The program comprises a diverse range of competencies aimed at developing well-rounded business leaders. Students enrolled in the program will explore the challenges and opportunities of managing employees from different age groups, global business operations, research process knowledge, and the use of data to make informed business decisions. The program will expand on concepts such as ethical responsibility, effective people management skills, and prepare students with the financial management skills necessary for leaders in the business realm.​

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​Quick Facts​

  • Business data analytics for data-driven decisions
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • International management
  • Human resource management
  • Mangerial Accounting, Economics, and Finance
  • Strategic marketing

Course Preview

1 - Leading a Multigenerational Workforce
Gain expertise in leveraging generational strengths and traits, analyze strategies for leading diverse teams, and understand the impact of technology in the multigenerational workforce.
2 - International Management
Explore global business strategies, conduct market opportunity assessments, manage risks in foreign operations, and design efficient global distribution systems.
3 - Research Methodology
Master the steps and policies for effective organizational research, evaluate scientific methods, identify and overcome research pitfalls, and uphold ethical research processes.
4 - Applied Statistics in Business
Develop skills to design and interpret statistical analyses, make data-driven decisions, and apply statistical methods across diverse business scenarios.
5 - Ethical Leadership
Deepen your understanding of ethical leadership theories, address ethical challenges, and acquire practical skills for ethical decision-making and conflict resolution.
6 - Advanced Organizational Human Resources Management
Explore human resource management, diversity’s role, HR regulations, and leadership in organizational change and employee retention.
7 - Applied technology for hybrid leadership
Navigate hybrid teams, select technology for effective communication and collaboration, resolve conflicts in diverse team environments, and ensure cybersecurity and privacy.
8 - Managerial Economics
Evaluate market structures, use economic data for informed decisions, and develop critical thinking skills to understand the impact of technological innovation on markets.
9 - Organizational leadership
Understand effective leadership theories, analyze leadership’s role in shaping culture and achieving goals, and evaluate the importance of emotional intelligence and ethical decision-making.
10 - Managerial Accounting and Decision Making
Learn the manager’s accounting role, forecast business decisions, evaluate managerial budgets, and use cost equations for cost prediction.
11 - Corporate Financial Management
Understand financial management’s role, master financial statement analysis, and apply techniques for capital budgeting, investment analysis, and risk management.
12 - Strategic Marketing Planning and Management
Understand marketing’s role in healthcare, compare marketing strategy elements, analyze marketing research, and implement effective marketing plans.
13 - Operations Management
Describe operations management in healthcare, analyze process flow, locate bottlenecks, and evaluate process efficiency to enhance productivity.
14 - Business Data management and analytics
Learn effective data collection and cleaning, explore data analysis techniques, apply regression analysis to real-world business settings, and use analytics to solve business problems.
15 - Project management
Understand project initiation, planning, execution, and closure; create project management plans, estimate costs, manage teams, changes, and risks; and conduct thorough project reviews.
16 - Business Administration Capstone
Integrate concepts from prior courses, apply strategic planning for sustainable competitive advantage, and address strategic analysis, implementation, evaluation, and risk management.