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  • Southwest University at El Paso currently has one main campus and one separate classroom space.
  • Our main campus is located at 1414 Geronimo (extending to 1420 Geronimo) in El Paso, Texas.
  • The Medical Assistant/Laboratory Assistant; Business Management and Accounting Systems; Health Administration; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Medical Coding and Billing Systems; Radiological Sciences; and Diagnostic Medical Sonography programs are fully taught at this location.
  • Each of the Forty eight classrooms can accommodate between 16- 40 students. Adequate space for office and administrative work is provided.
  • Over one hundred computer workstations are available for student use in five separate computer laboratories. A virtual reality lab is available for students use. These workstations are networked and have access to a high-speed (Fiber Optic) Internet connection.
  • Eleven medical laboratories are available for student use, so they can gain experience in such areas as phlebotomy, EKGs, and blood analysis.
  • Each classroom is furnished with an erasable ink board and bookshelves with multi-media resources available as needed. The lounge areas are furnished with tables, chairs, snack machines and a water cooler.
  • A coffee shop is located at one of the buildings providing food services to students. The facility is centrally located and convenient to bus routes and support agencies.
  • The Diesel Technician and Automotive Technology program are offered at 6500 Montana, El Paso, Texas. The separate classroom space consists of five bays that allow the students to work on engines and vehicles. Currently, there are over twenty diesel engines and fifteen vehicles available for the students to work on. The campus has a capacity of one hundred students per shift. The AAS Degree in Diesel and Automotive Technology were approved in June 2012 and will be offered at this campus.
  • The University library is located in the Main Campus. The library includes areas featuring computer stations and areas for both group and individual study. All students are also encouraged to use the digital library subscriptions made available through SU Learning.